This would really depend on how old the piano is, and when it was last tuned. If it has been tuned in the last few months, then it should be more or less on concert pitch, and shouldn't present any problems with tuning. We would recommend in such a case that the piano is left to settle in its' new environment for around a week or two, and then it will be ready for a fine tune. There shouldn't be a problem with the piano holding its' tuning for several weeks, or until after Christmas, providing it was close to pitch when it was moved.

The problems arise with a piano which has been neglected, and which has missed several tunings over the last couple or more years. If a piano is not tuned for a while, it will normally start to go flat of concert pitch. Not only will this make it impossible to play the instrument with another musical instrument which cannot be tuned to the piano (i.e. a brass or woodwind instrument), but the piano will start to lose its 'brightness' in sound, and could sound quite dull in tone. The difficulties in the tuning of such an instrument come with raising the pitch to where it should be. If it has gone too far flat, then as the strings are pulled up to pitch, the whole piano will start to pull itself flat again, making it impossible to put the piano in tune with just one tuning.

In this case, we would recommend that the piano is brought up to pitch with a pitch raise and a rough tune, and then left for at least a week to settle into its' correct pitch. After this settling period, the piano will be able to take and hold a fine tune, which should stay pretty much in tune for several months, providing that the instrument is in good shape.

Therefore, with regards to having a piano tuned in time for Christmas, a good two or three weeks before should see that you have a well-tuned piano for over the Christmas period, in most cases. But if you're not sure whether or not it is on pitch, then you really shouldn't leave it until the last minute, or you could find yourself with an out-of-tune piano for those Christmas parties, which will make those carols sound not quite as lovely as they should!
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If you are looking to buy a new pianos are normally a bit more expensive when it comes to their price range, so that is something to consider while you are browsing for your new instrument. Pianos are also a bit bigger than other musical instruments and will take up a lot of space in your living quarters. So always prepare for it.


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